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The farmhouse in umbria section reflects the true and rural spirit of the Umbrian places, that influenced not only the human life, but also the architecture . Cottages and farmhouses were the places where the farmers organized their works, where animals and cattle wandered around. The facilities were built with strong but poor materials.

The houses were made in order to make sure the family life and entertainment, work and even animals were all concentrated in those walls and the surrounding fields.
Basically they were the main centers of the social rural life, and they have kept the same spirit for centuries until probably the 60s.
Peasants used to gather in the houses after a long day of work, all around a large fireplace telling stories that were handed down from generation to generation, adventures and gossip. Sometimes they used to sing accompanied by poor musical instruments like accordion as if attending real parties, people dancing and drinking homemade wine. Today this fascinating rustic cottages are still standing in the green Umbria maintaining the same atmospheres and the same stories of the past . Now is your chance to live those moments and experience the same feeling at your own farmhouse in umbria

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