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One of the most frequent problems in the real estate market, since the 2008 crisis began, is to make the seller’s request coincide or as close as possible to the real estate market price at that time.
This is one of the biggest obstacles to a quick and satisfactory sale for all parties and is often of difficult resolution. How can this be resolved? Umbria Domus offers an innovative system of estimates developed by the international real estate agency Great Estate, of which we are partners.

What does it mean to be able to find the right price, in addition to obtaining the satisfaction of all parties?
It means a fastest sale.
During the past years in the real estate sector, we noticed that if the house, villa or apartment follows the market trend, it’s generally sold in the least amount of time compared to those properties that don’t follow the trend.
It means “immobility of the property”.
The risk is that the property stands the Real Estate lists for many years, with a number of visits that is close to zero per year, leading to a progressive devaluation of the property.

High quality photos

Realistic colours of the high quality photos that help to have a clue of the property by using professional equipment.
We believe that it’s important to promote the property with photos which have colours that can emphasize its strengths

Photos and videos made with the drone

The photos and videos made with the drone are used to give a different point of view to your house and can give a complete overview of the area where the house is located.
A video will be posted on YouTube and linked to our own website and to other portals we use.

360° Virtual Tour

The 360° virtual tour is very useful, as it allows the potential buyer to dive into the atmosphere of the house and to explore all the details.

It’s possible to visit the inside and the outside. 360° virtual tour helps to get aware of the overall space, as it allows the possible buyer to fully immerse himself in the atmosphere of the house and navigate throughout the property, by giving a perception of being in the home even if the buyer is on the other side of the world.

Video Tour

Thanks to the video tour a preview of the house can be offered.

It gives a more realistic view of the property and can partially replace in-person visits if the client is not able to reach it. In comparison to the drone video, these video tours will be sent to those clients that will ask for more information about the house. 

During the Covid pandemic, this utility has been very useful, as Italian and foreign buyers had the possibility to visit the property.

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