Todi, Orvieto, The Tevere Valley

Todi, Orvieto, The Tevere Valley

The Tevere Valley is a big area where there are a lot of little cities, full of culture and history,built on peaks few accessible, and from their position dominates the communication ways and the new buildings. The valley is in the centre of the Appennine, and is surrounded by hilly areas and full of vineyards, olive trees and mediterranean forest where is still possible meet with munks, porcupines, foxes, deers and a lot of birds.

This territory is

in a strategical position, about 60 minutes from Rome, where are situated along few kilometres art cities like Orvieto, Todi, Perugia, Assisi, Gubbio, Spoleto, Amelia ecc…but also the little villages are very beautiful and where is possible walking in the past, with history,art,culture and nature. Between the ancient little cities of this territory there is Orvieto, an ancient Etrurian city, later Roman and developed as a medieval fortification. Orvieto is famous also like “The Rock of Orvieto” because it was built on a steep rocky hill,and Todi, pre-etrurian city,became roman bulwark and medieval outpost later. Famous also like “The Hill of Todi” for its position on top of a hill. Sometimes ago, Todi was considered as the most liveable city in the world. This two cities dominate the area around the Corbara’s lake, an artificial lake created as power station. It obstructs the Tevere river, making a landscape very suggestive. In these areas there are etrurian tombs, roman ruins,art cities and little medieval village that retain intact the typical characteristics of the strongholds, with their narrow alleys, little squares and houses with an ancient history.

The cities is

surrounded by massive city walls and castles that in medieval ages were a formidabile defensive system,or little villages where there are great baronial castles or cities full of palaces and renaissance churchs while in some point of the territory there are lonely medieval towers with a wonderful landscape around. in the heart of Tevere river Natural Park the ancient farms are betwenn this medieval centre, crossed by the way etrurian-roman of wines and Umbrian olive oil. This valley is full of beauties,a real paradise for the nature lovers,for the natural routes, but also for the absolute relax,for the traditions and good food. Wonderful places with medieval charm, typical handicraft and “Food and wine” culture,offering also to the good food lovers the occasion to discover the pleasure of ancient and traditional flavors very fine,like the butchers products,the truffe, the cheeses, the olive oil and the wine of Orvieto and Montefalco.

During all the year

in spring and summer specially,is possible come across in local culinary products festivals and parties for all the important celebrations,for example the Eurochocolate in Perugia ( In October ), the S.Martin’s fair in Todi (November 11), the medieval parade of Corpus Domini in Orvieto (the second Sunday after Easter) and the Umbria Jazz(between December and January).

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